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Bracelets Alum- and Stainless Steel
New Items This page--- Blank Bracelets-- Not Bent-- take to your own engraver

We Are listed as Official Venders for The National League of POW Families in Washington DC. A portion of all POW/MIA or KIA items sold, Military, Police, Firefighter, or any remembrance bracelet, Flag or pin is donated. Thanks To everyone and To All Our Defenders of Freedom HOOAH

I realize there is a need and want to Remember "Those who give all" and without these brave souls our Freedoms that we so enjoy would be truly lost: However!!!


Our goal is to support our Soldiers, their families, Our Police, Our Firefighters and any Hero our Customer decides. We are a two person operation, I do all engraving of Custom Bracelets and in my part time-- I work full time--



If you pay with paypal and expect a Custom Order in a week-- Don't Order- I do not charge credit cards until I start engraving-

Thanks John

US Army Ret- E7 SFC