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National League POW Families at Risk
Please again Support this Cause--- Never Forget-- No Man or Woman Left Behind! YOUR Support is Needed

Your help is needed--- Please read the below

article-- I sent a email to KOMO 4 TV in WA State:-- If they respond, I will post it here: below is My Letter:

6 April 2009

There are still 1,742 US personnel listed by the Defense POW/MIA Office (DPMO) as missing and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War. We are missing soldiers form the Cold War, Desert Storm, WWII, WWI, Korea and more.

Unfortunately the National League of POW Families in WA DC needs help. Can you??? I am a Official Vender of The National League of POW Families in WA Dc and have been so for many years, This can be verified by the

Executive Director Ann Mills Griffiths

With the economic downfall this organization needs help to survive and show our country that "We Will Not Forget " Please see their site at http://www.pow-miafamilies.org/

They need the American Publics help-- …..

A lot of people wear the POW/MIA patch, Some fly their flag as does all Federal Buildings on certain Holidays and on POW MIA recognition day. And some a sticker on their car.. But is there support a visual support or do they help..

My Wife and I have a store in Lakewood WA and are also Official Venders out on Fort Lewis, We meet families of those who have given the utmost of sacrifice and have seen those of the current war, and those of the past. This measure to retrieve our missing not only effects the soldiers and families of the past, but those of our future- If we let this organization fall, and be forgot, then we as American's have lost

Your help would be greatly appreciated,,,



Buy only POW MIA KIA Items from Venders who donate-- We cannot afford to loose on this issue---------- Leave No Man Behind!!!!!!

Ask Your Vender of where you are buying the product if they Donate----

16 Oct 2008    POW/MIA flag, the League receives no royalties from their distribution



Newsletter:   October 16, 2008


Dear League Members,


This letter is to alert you to an alarming reality – without your immediate help, the National League of POW/MIA Families, our small non-profit organization that has effected such great change in our country, may soon be forced to close its doors.


A major part of our mission is closely monitoring and urging the support of governments – U.S. and foreign – to achieve our longstanding objective:  the return of all POWs, the fullest possible accounting for the missing, and repatriation of all recoverable remains of those who died serving our nation during the Vietnam War.  Our cause requires national involvement and support, both to help fund our efforts and to participate in calling on elected and appointed leaders to honor commitments to leave no one behind, to make every reasonable effort to return these men to our country and to us, their families and friends. 


With the support and action of some very dedicated U.S. officials, we’ve succeeded far beyond what anyone thought possible when formed in 1970; as of this writing, 834 US personnel have been accounted for since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, though much remains to be done. 


Beyond our narrow, threefold goal, we have also offered the prospect of final answers to countless thousands of Americans who lost loved ones in earlier wars, setting the bar high on the need to stand behind those who served and sacrificed, and will serve and sacrifice, for our country. Due to the League’s efforts, an unprecedented national accounting objective has set the example and now is emulated by other nations seeking answers on their own countrymen who served and never returned.   


The League’s success was evident most recently in the countless number of ceremonies held across our country and literally around the world to commemorate National POW/MIA Recognition Day, for most on September 19th, the date proclaimed by the President.   Most observers would assume by looking at the vast sea of POW/MIA flags across our country that the League receives royalties and therefore has no funding challenges. 


Though recognized by the U.S. Congress in law and successive Presidents by proclamation as having originated the POW/MIA flag, the League receives no royalties from their distribution.  Though the League spends less than 10% on administrative and fundraising expenses, is a 501[c]3 nonprofit, tax-exempt (FEIN #23-7071242) organization, and donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law, U.S. flag manufacturers sadly don’t even donate a small percentage of their profits to help sustain our efforts.  


Our determination to meet the League’s longstanding goals has never faltered, despite ups and downs in the attention level of our government and the American people.  Some – both in and out of government – mistakenly believe that the League is US Government-funded.  That false assumption is sometimes promoted by those making this and other such claims, trying desperately to undercut or destroy our organization.  Their efforts have failed.


The reality is that sustaining an office (rent, storage, insurance, salaries, phones, postage, printing, Internet, etc.) in the Washington, DC, area takes money, about $12,000 per month, or $72,000 for six months, an amount that does not include special activities, such as public awareness brochures, delegations to Southeast Asia, and sending speakers around the country.  Maintaining a viable presence in our nation’s capital is central to the League’s ability to represent the POW/MIA families to the Vietnamese, Lao, Cambodians and other foreign officials, as well as Congress, the national media and the Administration.  There is no substitute for having our national office, but it can’t continue without funds.


These are the facts we face, and this alarming reality is what prompted us to make a heart-wrenching decision.  If unable to bring in sufficient funds by the end of this year – December 31, 2008 – to sustain our national office for at least six months, the League as we know it will be dissolved.  There will be no other choice.


That is why we are turning to you, the members – families and concerned supporters – to appeal for donations.  We know you must share our dismay and concern over the prospect of leaving the fate of our POW/MIAs solely in the hands of US and foreign governments, without the scrutiny and advice that the League has so consistently provided over these many years. 


Generous donations are urgently needed, not only from League members, but other concerned citizens and organizations that recognize what the League has done for our country and why the League must continue.  There is no organization that has done more to account for our POW/MIAs – unreturned veterans – still missing from the Vietnam War. 


The League has generated – and continues to generate – productive results, whether advocating additional resources and personnel for field operations, new facilities, or to garner high level support wherever needed.  Also important is our voice to the governments of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia with whom we maintain frequent contact.  Examples are far too many, and over too many years, to list in this letter, but they are well known to those who care, deal with facts and know the region.  Only a lack of funds prevents the League from doing even more to realize our goal. 


Additional donations must come now, so please look to yourselves, and spread the word.  Ask your friends, churches, businesses, veterans, professional athletes (NASCAR, NHRA, football, basketball & soccer teams) – really all Americans – to help now!


Unless all of you step forward, donate generously yourselves, and ask for help, the League will not be able to continue.  We’re not giving up without a fight, but we can’t do it alone.  It is up to you, and we’re appealing for your help.  There is no more time to wait.


                     Hopefully and in faith,


_________________________                           _________________________


Jo Anne Shirley                                             Mark Stephensen


Chairman, Board of Directors                                    Vice-Chairman, Board of Directors


MIA Sister                                                      MIA Son (Remains Returned)


shirlfam@alltel.net, 706-278-3746                            msteph1771@aol.com, 208-939-8288 


_________________________         _________________________        


Sue Scott                                                      Karen McManus


Secretary, Board of Directors                                    Treasurer, Board of Directors


MIA Sister                                                      POW Sister (Returned)


Sue_scott@dalecarnegie.com, 248-649-2393                  kmcmanus@gouldproperty.com, 703-548-8096


_________________________                           _________________________


Pamela M Cain                                             David F Gray, Jr, LtCol USAF (Ret)


Board of Directors                                             Board of Directors


MIA Daughter                                             Returned POW


pamcain@cox.net, 703-798-8550                           jean.gray@cox.net, 850-862-7266


_____________________________                           ___________________________


Gail V Innes                                                      Ann Mills Griffiths


Board of Directors                                             Executive Director


MIA Sister (Remains Returned)                           MIA Sister


g.innes@sbcglobal.net, 312-587-8153                  powmiafam@aol.com, 703-465-7432

interesting Fact:
The League receives no government funding. None of the POW/MIA flag manufacturers donate a cent to the League, despite the profits they make on US Government contracts for supplying POW/MIA flags to fly on required dates.

If you buy any POW MIA KIA  related item (a bracelet of those who gave  or a sticker, a Flag or Shirt , patch or jacket with the POW Emblem  ) -- Please be sure that the company you buy from donates-- If every company that sells any POW MIA KIA item;  would donate THIS WOULD NOT BE A ISSUE